Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Wee Bothy Art

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The idea behind this print came from a conservation perspective, 20 butterfly species are now on Britains red list as critically endangered. As well as being totally gorgeous, butterflies are important for maintaining a healthy ecosystem as they are a natural pest control and pollinator.

The small tortoiseshell butterfly in particular has seen large declines in the last few years and is expected to be hugely affected by the rising climate. In light of this, 10% from each sale will go to the 'Butterfly Conservation' charity.

A reduction print uses the same linoleum block to print every colour on the image, this means the prints made are limited edition and totally unique, almost like the butterflies themselves!

This reduction print compromises of 5 layers with a total of 7 colours used. We started off with blue, then yellow, two orange tones, 2 brown tones and finally the black layer.

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