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All your questions answered:

What is it?

The Directory is an online extension of our very successful Living Crafts shows where visitors will expect to find beautifully hand-made British craft, homewares and fashions, original art and more. We often receive enquiries, especially immediately after a show, from visitors looking for a specific exhibitor.

Living Crafts Online will make it easier for visitors to find you and will help you to connect with your customers in between events by showcasing your products and continuing the conversations started in person.


Who is it for?

The Living Crafts Online directory is open to designer-makers or artists whose product is handmade in the UK and who satisfactorily completes the application process. To be successful you must either make the product or be very closely involved in its creation within the UK.

Since 1974, Living Crafts has promoted the very best handmade British craft and design and this directory is another way for us to support small craft businesses from around the UK and to champion our many skilled and talented craftsmen and women.

Priority will be given to exhibitors taking part in Living Crafts live events and we will aim to avoid too much duplication of the same type of product.


What’s included in your monthly subscription?

  • An exhibitor profile, or bio-page about you and your craft.
  • Up to four products with photos and descriptions in your Collection
  • Up to 12 product changes – you can change up to 4 products once per calendar month.
  • Two news articles in our Exhibitor News section, one every 6 months.
  • Up to three social media posts on the Living Crafts Facebook and Instagram pages per annum, that is when you first subscribe to the directory and when you are featured in Exhibitor News
  • A link to the Directory will be included in all emails to our visitor database
There will also be regular emails to the Living Crafts visitor database focused solely on the Directory. Individual products/makers will be included according to the subject of the emails. For example, we may do a seasonal feature on items for the garden or link to a TV programme such as the pottery throwdown or we may simply focus ‘What’s new this month’. Inclusion will be at the discretion of Living Crafts.
  • Promotion at the live event will include details of the directory on the Showguide, posters around the showground and a banner for your stand to indicate you can be found on LivingCrafts.Online.
  • We will supply you with a digital image to include on your website so you can link back to the Directory and support your fellow exhibitors.
  • A link from the Living Crafts website to the directory.
  • A digital marketing budget to promote the Directory through paid advertising and listings and regular press releases.


How does it work?

The directory is product focused; you can showcase up to 4 pieces in your collection at any one time, as well as write your own story with up to 250 words. Your ‘bio-page’ will have a direct link to your website, Etsy shop, social media page or other on-line presence of your choice. Alternatively, you can list a phone number and/or email address.

You will be able to change up to 4 products once in each calendar month.

The Living Crafts team will organise the products into categories such as glass, ceramics, fashion, etc. There will also be seasonal categories, such as Christmas Gift Ideas, Mother’s/Father’s Day or a product focus such as Winter warmers, well-being. Inclusion in all these additional categories will be managed by Living Crafts.


Which products should I choose?

You can include any four individual products of your choice.

Living Crafts will email requesting specific seasonal products as appropriate. It is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to change your products to keep your collection fresh and interesting for visitors to the website. Exhibitors who make regular changes or take part in the seasonal categories tend to see more traffic clicking through to their websites.

Products in the seasonal categories will be removed when the feature has finished, you will be able to add new products to replace them.


What product information do I have to provide?

  • Product Image - A SQUARE format, high quality JPEG image. Ideal size – 1500 x 1500 to 2000 x 2000 pixels
  • Product Title - up to six words.
  • Product Description - up to 900 characters.
  • Product Price - the cost shown for your product on your website excluding postage and packaging. If there is a range of prices, we will display the lowest in the header and the range at the end of the text.
  • Product URL - Website address of the actual product on your website or the most relevant page. It helps to go direct to the product to simplify navigation for the visitor.
  • If no website is available, we will show your telephone number/email address so buyers can get in touch.
  • Product Category – you can suggest which product category best fits your work. Examples include Jewellery, Ceramics, Glass, etc. Have a look at the directory homepage to see the options.  A second category can be nominated if your work bridges two media


What sort of photograph is best?

It’s all about the optics! In this Instagrammable world, how you present your products visually is of paramount importance. The success of your products on the Living Crafts directory will depend on the quality of your product photography.

It is essential that products are displayed clearly, in focus and, at the very least displayed against a plain background with no distractions. Think about the lighting – make sure it’s bright enough and there are no shadows across the product.

You might have a model photo or dress your product, eg, flowers in a vase or cheese on a board.

It is more effective visually to feature one piece in each photograph. If you are going to include more than one product, make sure it is a variation of the same product, eg, the same scarf but in different colourways.

Have a look at some of the photos already on the directory to find good examples of product photography.

Remember, most people will be looking at your product photo on their mobile, so it needs to be clear and easy to see.

Your product photo MUST be

  • Square
  • A high-resolution jpeg image
  • Between 1500x1500 and 2000x2000 pixels

We will have to return photos that don’t meet these requirements.


What is the ‘bio-page’?

The bio-page is your opportunity to tell visitors to the directory about you, your craft and your business. You might mention where you’re based, your particular style or design, the materials you use, a brief history explaining your background and what has influenced you.

The focus should be on you and your products, and you should be aiming to make a connection with the reader so they understand more about what motivates you and inspires your work. Use the first person and address the reader as ‘you’.

The bio-page will include your

  • Trading Name
  • Story in up to 1500 characters
  • Four product photos, their titles and price with links to the individual product page. (The link to your website is direct from the product page.)


What is the Exhibitor News section on the directory?

We want to share your news. You might be celebrating a major milestone in your business, opening a new workshop, have received an award or been featured in a magazine or launched a new range.

We will need a ‘people’ photograph relevant to the story. It might be you in your workshop, making your product, receiving your award, or the perhaps a celebrity has been seen wearing your latest design! There is space for up to three additional square photos in this section.

The most recent three articles feature on the home page.

Email us to let us know what’s been going on, we will add it to the Exhibitor News section.


How much does it cost?

Only £20.00 + VAT per calendar month, payable in advance on the 1st of each month.

There is no contract, and you can cancel your listing at any time by informing Living Crafts in writing. We will confirm that you no longer wish to take part and remove your listing at the end of the month in which you give us notice.

Exhibitors taking part in Living Crafts 2022 at Hatfield Park from 5 - 8 May will be given the opportunity to join the LivingCrafts.Online directory free of charge until 30 June 2022. To find out more about exhibiting at Hatfield Park, please go to www.livingcrafts.co.uk.


How do I apply?

Follow this link to the online application form.



Living Crafts has the final editorial decision on the text in product descriptions and on the bio-page.

This information forms the Terms and Conditions of having a listing on LivingCrafts.Online. By applying you are accepting these terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us on 02392 863871 or email us admin@livingcrafts.co.uk