Terry Chance Mosaics Etc

Colour and texture are my inspiration and after working in the medium of patchwork and mosaics for many years, I discovered the delights of glass and wire.

I work with two techniques – mosaic for my jewellery and the stained glass copper foil technique for the glass art. Both allow me different forms of expression and use colourful glass. The jewellery lets me play with shape and colour, the wire lets me add a touch of humour!

From my workshop in Cambridge I work full time to make a variety of pieces to sell in my online shop and through a select few craft events. I have been focusing on birds for the last few years – hanging or sitting but all a bit unconventional. I have recently been introducing other animals such as hedgehogs, mice, owls and hares. The animals are meant to be a bit of fun and make people smile.

I hope you enjoy the colourful, quirky and unusual nature of my work.

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