Paul Wright Jewellery

Established in 1995, Paul Wright® has been designing & manufacturing high quality, silver and gold jewellery inspired from a classical era and transformed into the bold simplicity of contemporary studio designs.

Over the years Paul has attracted a loyal following of customers who value the unique style, versatility and craftsmanship of the beautiful silver and gold jewellery he has incorporated within his appealing collections. These striking yet affordable designs are easy to wear and provide most of the ‘essentials' in any woman’s wardrobe.

Some of his popular jewellery has been requested by London’s top stylists for International fashion photo shoots which have included several well known celebrities. With meticulous attention to detail and quality, you can be confident that Paul Wright's affordable jewellery will surpass your highest expectations. 

Some of his latest designs are now featured here on the Living Crafts internet shopping platform and Paul Wright says, “This offers a unique opportunity to reach fashion conscious buyers who actively seek out British designers and makers of fine quality products not usually seen on the High Street.” 

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