The Painted Pig Company Ltd

The Painted Pigs Company was founded by Ruth Green BA(hons) and Di Ralston BA(hons), who were both graduates from St Martin’s School of Art.

Ruth worked in advertising and Diana in Art teaching. Their work has been sold in the UK, Europe and in the United States and they have held many exhibitions of their work.

Several years ago they were asked to paint several life size cows for Cowparade and then a life size Elephant, for the Elephant parade in London for the Elephant Family. They have also painted many animals for Wild in Art.

In 2007 they decided to start their own company, The Painted Pigs Company, to paint on their own sculpted animals using the animals as a canvas for their designs. It started with the large pig sculpted for them by TV art director Jonathan Green, and recently they added pot planters to their collection.

All animals have been sculpted in house, and manufactured in fibre glass/resin material. The designs are unique.

The animals are painted in acrylic paint and receive several coatings of varnish for protection.

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