Je Suis Jewellery

Hello, I'm Irene, creator of Je Suis Jewellery.

My journey into jewellery making started over 20 years ago after attending an Art Foundation course in Amersham, Bucks. I loved the metalwork room, experimenting with different metals and tools and after making a larger-than-life necklet for the final showcase, I knew what my next direction was going to be.

Signing up with the local Adult Education jewellery classes, I was on my way. My first real success was having my work exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum for several months. I made a pendant in Sterling silver and 9ct gold inspired by a gorgeous sideboard made by E.W. Godwin.

My inspiration can come from anywhere but I particularly love Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

I use Sterling silver, 9/18 carat gold plus other metals such as bronze and brass to accent my designs.

Currently I have four collections of work. The Mikado range is inspired by my pendant exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum; the Bella range was the first design I sold as a jeweller; the Angel range is a simple but stunning look; and finally the Serenity range is an exploration into what designs I can create from the simple oval shape.

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