Christine Gilbert Designs

My passion for making, designing and drawing stems back to my childhood; I never sat and did nothing. I made my first embroidered pinafore as a project in primary school; I made the pinafore because my teacher said I wasn’t capable. The rest of the class just embroidered a square. Eventually I studied clothing at Manchester Polytechnic.

With a love of wool and colour, 30 years in business has seen many designs to my range of boiled wool jackets. Inspiration comes from everywhere, it might be nature or something in a film. I just doodle as I go. Most styles came about because it’s what I or a customer lacked in their wardrobe and it was unavailable on the high street.

Rob and I work in boiled wool that we produce ourselves. The range of colours aren’t available anywhere else and we use the best yarn to make the best quality.

This year I did a course in 'pattern to product' which enabled me to produce my own designs and artwork on pashminas. The colours and designs to compliment the jackets.

With the lack of shows I’ve had more time to experiment enjoy nature and take many photos all now forming a reference library for future designs and artwork.

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