Bower Bird Bears

Bowerbird Bears is home to a family of hand-made, One of a Kind Teddy Bears and other soft sculpted creatures, all brought to you by their maker, Gill Cattroll.

Collectibles, and not toys, each bear is unique and comes with its own birth certificate. Gill takes her inspiration from the textures and colours of the South Wales landscapes that surround her home in Abergavenny, and uses her background in Interior Design to select stunning fabrics to bring those ideas into being. Her collaboration with local couturier fashion designers, Charles and Patricia Lester, has resulted in some Bowerbird Bears being truly distinctive and made from luxurious materials unavailable to any other bear maker in the world. Sustainability is also dear to her heart, and all her creations are now “fed” with carded Welsh wool, rather than the usual synthetic Polyester stuffing.

Although only making since 2012, Gill has brought Bowerbird Bears to the attention of the UK Teddy Bear collecting community, picking up several National level Teddy Bear awards along the way. A regular at Living Crafts events for the past 5 years, Bowerbird Bears are saddened not to have met everyone at Hatfield this year, but are thrilled to present a small selection of our current collection to you here instead.   

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