Batik by Jane Hickman

Inspired by the natural world in her semi-wild garden, Jane starts each Batik by making preparatory drawings of her chosen plants to discover how they are formed. She then works directly onto either silk or cotton creating her design from an amalgam of the initial drawings.

Put simply, Batik is a technique where dyes are used to colour the fabric and wax is applied as a resist, allowing different colours to exist side by side without bleeding into each other. When the design is finished, the wax is removed by ironing between layers of absorbent paper leaving the completed design on the fabric.

Jane sells her original Batik work as paintings. Reproductions and greetings cards of the original paintings are digitally printed.

Scarves are also available. Part of an original work is taken and used as a repeat motif. The repeat design is digitally printed in the U.K.

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