Adorn Ceramics

Hello, I am Jane at Adorn Ceramics .

I create both functional and decorative ceramics from a variety of stoneware clays, using the different clay bodies adds unique qualities to the end piece which I find exciting. All my designs are handmade taking inspiration from colour and form in the natural world.

I make my ceramics in a little garden studio using wheel throwing and hand building techniques. I have worked with clay over several years and am inspired by the development of form and the combination surface treatments, including the addition of slips and hand drawn decals, creating a rich depth to the finished work.

My jewellery collections include ceramic designs and electroformed crystals. My ceramic jewellery is made from both porcelain and stoneware, combing textures and colours to create artisan earrings and necklace pieces. 

I make a limited collection of electroformed crystal jewellery, inspired by the beauty of the crystals and the magical alchemy of the electroforming process.

Adorn designs are original and unique bringing the joy of handmade to you and your home.

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