NEW Body Oils from Neve's Bees

Posted by Robin Younger on

It’s taken ages but Neve's Bees are really happy to launch their new Body Oils. Made from 100% natural plant oils - all made possible by the pollinators doing their thing. 

Julie who founded the company with the encouragement of her daughter, Neve, started life as a chemist and has long been concerned about the ingredients used in skincare and the ridiculous claims made! "One of my bugbears is all the unnecessary additives, cheap fillers and (in my book) nasties added! Unlike much (actually most) skincare, all Neve’s Bees products are water free - whilst there’s nothing wrong with water, the preservatives and emulsifiers that need to be added in a water / oil concoction are not good for your skin. The role of preservatives (such as parabens and parabens replacements) is to kill bugs that can grow in water (they’re called biocides) they also kill the ‘good bacteria’ on you skin, upsetting your skin’s natural balance and leaving it open to pollutants, UV and is increasing linked to dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions. Anyway rant over!"

The new body oils are 100% pure plant oils, including apricot, argan and jojoba, in recyclable aluminium bottles with non pvc eco-labels and a refill option, ...oh and they smell great!

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