Lockdown Reflections

Posted by Robin Younger on

Kate Guy is a printmaker and designer who divides her time between North London and the South of France. Working with traditional print techniques, Kate produces high quality organic cotton homewares. From an artistic family, her father was a graphic designer and her mother is known for her architectural glasswork, Kate studied graphic design and has always worked in the creative field, sometimes as a maker and also as a teacher.

Her love of cooking has inspired her beautiful collection of home textiles, many of her designs illustrate classic British and French recipes and her new range of cards pick out stunning, colourful individual ingredients. What a beautiful way to wish your family and friends a Happy Easter.

During the recent lockdowns Kate has used her artwork to reflect on life as we live it today with a series of prints featuring her cat, Albion - Lockdown Cat with Mexican Cushion, Lockdown Cat out on the Tiles and the most recent ‘Lockdown 3’. The three prints illustrate the adventures, or lack thereof, of Albion and his pandemic experience. If you look carefully you can see a second protagonist in the saga, another cat appears in the window of the first two prints and has escaped onto the rooftops in the third. Kate is planning a fourth print which will feature a post-lockdown end to the story with the cats reunited and enjoying each other’s company on the rooftops of London.

p.s. Albion is also the name of her printing press – a traditional Victorian Albion Press from 1857

You can see Kate's collection of gifts here.