Inspired by Hungarian Summers

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Judit, originally from Hungary and now based in London will be joining us at Hatfield Park in May for the first time. We are delighted to showcase examples of her Flow and Meadow Collections. With a focus on functional domestic ware, Judit's work is designed and shaped to sit comfortably in your hand creating an intimacy between you and the pot.

The Flow collection

The story of her Flow collection started with a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, back in 2013. There she saw a vase from the Fulham Pottery, decorated with lustre fish and waves: the design pushed her forward on a journey of playing around with certain elements of its pattern. Traditional Hungarian shapes of folk pottery, the dynamic but softly waving silhouettes of the country’s landscape, the constantly moving and swirling blanket of the meadow grasses and flowers as the wind blows them – they all provided her with beautiful and rich visual inspiration.

The continuous, meandering line drawn by one generous movement of the hand creates the spine of my designs on each of my pots. Following the patterns of waves and fishbones, I scratch small parallel curved lines into the surface, organising them into rows above each other, creating waving and flow, and a bit of optical illusion.
The Meadow Collection
Inspired by Judit's happy memories of her childhood summers in Hungary. Meadow flowers and grasses, softly moving and waving in the light summer breeze, their vivid greens already burnt to a warm yellow-brown by the sun. The scorching heat that melted the tarmac on the roads and made the air tremble above them. The chirping of crickets, the buzzing of the insects, the ringing of the church bell from a distant village, the constant whisper of the feathering grasses.
You will be able to meet Judit, who will be joining us at our Living Crafts at Hatfield Park in May.
In the meantime you can see more of her collection here - Judit Esztergomi.
Flow bowl by Judit Esztergomi Flow Rustic Bowl by Judit Esztergomi Meadow Mug by Judit Esztergomi Meadow Bulb Vase by Judit Esztergomi