Happy 21st Business Birthday

Posted by Robin Younger on

Congratulations to Helen who is celebrating 21 years of her business Helen Brice Designs. 

As a self-taught Goldsmith, Helen's mixed-media background allows her to approach jewellery design from a somewhat unorthodox perspective. Preferring to explore new designs in the workshop, rather than in a sketchbook, she is usually inspired by a particular gemstone or setting which becomes the feature of each piece of jewellery.

Her unique style has manifested as a growing collection of signature 'Showstoppers!" predominantly rings. These highly coveted, one-of-a-kind pieces are instantly recognisable, and their mostly organic and asymmetric design stems from her love of architectural detailing and naturally occurring pattern and texture.

You will be able to meet Helen at Living Crafts - Hatfield Park where her she will have her ready to wear collections and will also be able to talk to you about commissioning a beautiful piece of jewellery for your special occasion.

You will be able to meet Helen, who will be joining us at our Living Crafts at Hatfield Park in May.

In the meantime you can see Helen's collection here.